Dog CBD Treats and Anxiety 101

Dog CBD Treats and Anxiety 101

5 Ways Dog CBD Treats Can Change Your Life

Watching a pet deal with anxiety is difficult. No one wants to see their pet upset and stressed out, but this is a common struggle faced by many pet owners, especially those with dogs. A recent study found that over 70 percent of dogs exhibited some symptoms and behaviors of anxiety regardless of breed.

It is certainly hard to see your dog showing signs of distress, but it can be even harder to know how to help your dog through mental health struggles such as anxiety. Fortunately, dog CBD treats can help. 

Here’s our guide to common signs of anxiety in dogs and how to transform the most stressful situations with the best calming chews for dogs on the market.


Common Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

Research has shown that most dogs deal with at least some level of anxiety, but what does anxiety look like in dogs? 

Here are some common signs of general anxiety in dogs:

  • Barking or Whining — Barking and whining now and then is typical dog behavior. Each dog can vary in the level of normal vocalization that they display regularly. Dogs might suddenly start barking or whining more than usual when they are anxious. Some of the reasons a dog might show an increase in vocalization include attempting to soothe themselves and getting their owner’s attention to seek out comfort. 
  • Panting — Like barking and whining, panting is an example of dog behavior that can be normal or abnormal, depending on when and how often it is done. If your dog is panting after an intense game of fetch, directly following a walk outside on a hot day or in response to the sight of their favorite human, then it is most likely normal behavior. However, if your dog is panting excessively without apparent reason, it could be a sign of anxiety. 
  • Pacing or Hiding — If your dog is experiencing stress, they might start pacing back and forth around the room or even try to hide. Some dogs will duck between your legs, position themselves behind you or gently push you to encourage you to take them away from the stressful situation. 
  • Yawning — People tend to think of yawning as a sign of boredom or drowsiness. In dogs, yawning can be a sign of anxiety. An anxious yawn does look different from a tired yawn in dogs. If your pet’s yawns last longer than expected and your dog is yawning more intensely, they could be yawning from anxiety. 



When you hear the telltale rumbling of thunder as a pet owner, you are probably less worried about a rainstorm and more concerned about your dog’s potential reaction to the loud booms of thunder. Some common symptoms of thunderstorm anxiety include:

  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Howling
  • Shaking
  • Hiding in Closets or in the Bathroom

In more severe cases, pets might cause damage to your home as a result of thunderstorm anxiety. For example, some dogs will scratch through the drywall on walls or destroy carpets by chewing them up as they become more distressed. Other dogs might even run away in a panic. Unfortunately, thunderstorm anxiety can worsen throughout your dog’s life if no steps are taken to treat it. 

Giving your dog CBD treats from Swaggy Tails at the first signs of a thunderstorm can help calm them so they are better prepared to cope with the stress of the storm. The best calming chews for dogs, like those from Swaggy Tails, can help your dog experience fewer and less severe symptoms during storms. 


Fireworks Displays

The bright and flashy nature of fireworks displays typically signals a celebration, from the Fourth of July to birthdays to family reunions. However, to a dog owner, fireworks can quickly become something to dread. More than 30 percent of dogs are thought to have noise aversion, which causes them to become very stressed and anxious from intense noise — like fireworks. 

Experiencing fireworks for dogs with this condition has been compared to having a panic attack as a human. A dog’s heart might beat wildly, and they can become overly alert. They could also begin displaying distressed and potentially dangerous behaviors, such as attempting to escape the area or damaging your house in their panic. 

Dog CBD treats can be a helpful tool in managing the symptoms of noise aversion. You can give the best calming chews for dogs from Swaggy Tails to your pet during the fireworks display. If you happen to know that fireworks will be going off nearby beforehand, such as during your town’s Fourth of July fireworks event, you can plan to administer the dog CBD treats before the festivities start to help lessen symptoms quicker. 


Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a phenomenon where dogs become anxious when their humans leave them alone. There are several reasons that separation anxiety can develop in dogs. For example, when a dog is brought to a new home after being adopted from a shelter, the dog might become anxious when left alone in the new and unfamiliar environment. 

Separation anxiety can occur during the adjustment period if a dog’s routine is disrupted, whether due to a move or a change in the owner’s work schedule. Also, if a dog loses a family member or is given to a new owner, separation anxiety can occur.

Dog CBD treats from Swaggy Tails can help soothe your dog when you are not home with them or aid in a transition period as your dog adjusts to a new situation. 


Long Car Rides

Many TV shows and movies include scenes where a happy dog enjoys a car ride through a rolled-down window with their tongue sticking out as they take in the sunshine. Car rides with dogs are often a very different story in real life. Many dogs become extremely distressed when they have to ride in the car. Some of the symptoms of car ride anxiety in dogs include: 

  • Refusing to Get in the Car
  • Trying to Escape Once in the Car
  • Excessive Vocalization (Whines, Whimpers, Barks)
  • Vomiting
  • Intense Panting
  • Shaking

Whether a short trip to the vet or a long ride to a dog-friendly vacation rental, any car ride can be challenging when your dog suffers from car anxiety. Try giving your dog CBD treats before you leave to soothe them so the car ride can become less stressful for both of you. 


Visits to the Vet

A list of stressful situations that cause anxiety in dogs would not be complete without including vet visits. Whether it is an annual checkup, an appointment to help monitor an ongoing condition or a visit to investigate some unusual new symptoms, there are many reasons that trips to the vet are unavoidable throughout your dog’s life. Many dogs find the vet’s office stressful, from encountering other dogs and cats in the waiting room to the unfamiliar smells present in the exam room and, of course, the actual examination from the veterinarian. 

No pet owner wants their dog to be anxious, especially not when they are already dealing with another illness that necessitates a trip to the vet. After all, the vet should make your pet feel better, not worse. One way to help your dog cope with vet anxiety is to offer them dog CBD treats before you begin the trip to the vet’s office, which can calm your dog’s nerves during the car ride, allowing them to enter the building with less anxiety and have a less stressful visit. 


Try the Best Calming Chews for Dogs from SwaggyTails

If any of these dog anxiety scenarios are familiar to you, you and your dog could benefit from trying out dog CBD treats.

The best calming chews for dogs on the market are Hemp Calming Chews with CBD from Swaggy Tails. Formulated with calming hemp powder, Swaggy Tails’ dog CBD treats promote relaxation and are designed to help your pet deal with stressful situations like fireworks, vet trips and thunderstorms. These calming supplements can also help if your pet struggles with separation anxiety or traveling.

Choose Hemp Calming Chews with CBD from Swaggy Tails today to help relieve your dog’s anxiety!

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