Healthy Dog Treats 101

Healthy Dog Treats 101

9 Healthy Dog Treats That Will Not Ruin Their Diet

A dog treat does not have to come in the form of a bone-shaped cookie sold in a cardboard box. There are a lot of options available that are good for your dog. When you give healthy dog treats instead of ones filled with processed ingredients and artificial additives, you can rest assured that you are not ruining your dog’s diet or putting their health at risk.

After all, a treat is supposed to be a reward, and it should make both you and your dog feel good. Healthy dog treats can also be simple – you probably have some items in your fridge or even growing in your garden that can serve as healthy dog treats.

From common fruits and vegetables to supplements for dogs – here’s our guide to healthy dog treats that won’t ruin your four-legged friend’s diet. 

Fruits Your Furry Friends Will Love

If you are a fan of having fruit in the fridge or around the house, these healthy dog treats are probably ones you already have on hand. There are quite a few kinds of fruit that dogs can eat, but if you are ever unsure whether or not a fruit is canine-friendly, you can always ask your veterinarian before feeding it to your dog. Here are some examples of fruits that you definitely can use as healthy dog treats: 

  • Blueberries — Blueberries are commonly referred to as a superfood for human diets, but they can be just as beneficial when added to your dog’s diet as healthy dog treats. Blueberries are very high in healthy antioxidants and contain plenty of vitamin C and fiber. They are easy to toss into your dog’s mouth, just like you would do with a small commercial dog treat. Healthy dog treats can be just as fun as traditional ones.
  • Apples — Apples are a classic fruit to keep in a bowl on the kitchen counter, and they make an excellent choice for healthy dog treats for dogs. Apples are an excellent source of health-boosting fiber and both vitamins A and C. With a low protein and fat content, you can rest easy using them as treats for older dogs. To beat the summer heat, you can even place some apple slices in the freezer and treat your dog to a delicious frozen snack. Make sure your dog does not eat the core or the seeds. 
  • Pears — Pears might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “healthy dog treats,” but that does not make them any less of a great option. Pears have high levels of vitamins K and C and copper and fiber. They might even be able to cut your pet’s risk of having a stroke in half, securing their place on the list of healthy dog treats. When feeding your dog pears, it is best to take out the pit and seeds and then cut the fruit into small pieces. 

Vegetables for Very Good Pups

The fruit bowl is not the only place you should look for healthy dog treats when scouting out your kitchen. You are also sure to find some healthy dog treats in the vegetable drawer. And if you do not already have a vegetable garden, this could be an excellent reason to start one. Both you and your dog can benefit from adding fresh vegetables to your regular diet. Here are some common vegetables that make great healthy dog treats:

  • Carrots — Carrots have high amounts of healthy beta-carotene and fiber. They are not a high-calorie food, making them an excellent choice for healthy dog treats. While typical dog treats from the store can add a lot of unnecessary calories to your dog’s diet, you do not have to worry about that with carrots. When you feed your dog raw carrots, the process of chewing them is also good for your dog’s dental health. 
  • Green Beans — Green beans are healthy dog treats that are full of essential nutrients such as manganese, vitamins C, A and K and fiber. You can feed your dog cooked or raw green beans — just make sure they do not have any seasonings or oils added to them. Green beans are also easy to cultivate at home, so you can grow this healthy dog treats yourself. If you prefer to buy your green beans from the store, you can even give your dog canned green beans (just make sure the salt content is zero or very low). 
  • Celery — If you are looking for healthy dog treats that make a big impact, celery is the right choice for you. Celery contains many important nutritional compounds, including sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins C, B and A. Another great reason to choose celery is that it can boost heart health and improve your dog’s breath. All in all, celery is an excellent multipurpose solution in the search for healthy dog treats. 

Easy Homemade Healthy Dog Treats

Another great way to incorporate healthy dog treats into your dog’s diet is to make them yourself. When you make treats yourself, you benefit from knowing exactly what is going into the recipe. Here are a few of the easiest recipes for homemade healthy dog treats to try out for yourself: 

  • Apple Broth TreatsThis recipe only requires two ingredients — apples and chicken broth. You already know all about the benefits of apples. If you want to switch things up and give your dog a snack other than plain apples as healthy dog treats, this is a great recipe to try. All you need to do is cut apples into small chunks, place them in ice cube trays and add chicken broth. After you freeze them, these easy and healthy dog treats are ready for your dog to enjoy!
  • Banana Oat Treats — Banana is another safe and healthy fruit for dogs to eat and is one of the main ingredients in this dog treat recipe. Bananas are paired with oats and peanut butter for an easy three-ingredient snack. You simply have to mix up the ingredients, use the cookie cutter of your choice and bake the dough in the oven. This is a great way to get the look of traditional dog treats without unnecessary additives.
  • Wheat Baby Food TreatsThis recipe offers you another option to create dog treats that appear like traditional dog snacks but are significantly healthier. All you need are two ingredients — whole wheat flour and the pureed baby food of your choice, such as chicken, blueberry or sweet potato. You can easily customize this recipe to your dog’s tastebuds and make it your own by adding on to it, like topping the treats with pieces of fresh blueberries or a sprinkling of chopped carrots. 

Add Swaggy Tails’ Supplements for Dogs for a Healthy Diet

When you are looking for ways to make your dog’s diet healthier, supplements for dogs are an excellent solution. They’re still a step up from store-bought treats but easier to have on hand compared to other healthy options. The best part? They pack a huge nutritional punch that’ll impact your dog in the best possible way.

Swaggy Tails’ supplements for dogs can make a big difference in your dog’s life and give their health a boost. If you have been searching for the right product to promote your dog’s mental health, benefit their digestion, support healthy joints or soothe their skin, supplements for dogs from Swaggy Tails are the right choice for you. They taste just like healthy dog treats, which means they are easy to add to your dog’s diet.

Choose Swaggy Tails’ supplements for dogs to give your dog’s diet the healthy refresh it deserves and keep them on the path to improved wellness!

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