Swaggy Tails’ Guide for How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

Swaggy Tails’ Guide for How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

5 Tips On How to Get Rid of Fleas On Dogs

While spring can bring a welcomed relief from cold temperatures for you and your dog, it also means the return of flea season. Itching, scratching and other uncomfortable telltale signs of a flea infestation in your dog can put a serious damper on enjoying your usual outdoor activities with your favorite canine companion.  

Here's our guide on how to get rid of fleas on dogs. The next time you notice fleas on your furry friend, try out one or more of these techniques and pet supplies so you both can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time worrying about pesky parasites. 


How Can You Tell if Your Dog Has Fleas?

Spring is also the start of allergy season, so it can be difficult to identify precisely what is causing your dog to itch and scratch. Here are some of the most common symptoms that a dog will show when they have fleas: 

  • Excessive itching, scratching and licking
  • Sores and scabs on the skin
  • Hair loss
  • Chewing and biting their skin

Of course, the most obvious sign that a dog has fleas is seeing the fleas themselves. If you notice that your dog is exhibiting some of the symptoms listed above, inspect their fur for fleas and flea droppings. 

Fleas may be tiny, but they are dark in color, so they can usually be seen when searching for them. Look for dark specks that are moving around quickly. Key areas to check include your dog's ears, belly, neck and lower back. Flea droppings are also typically easy to spot on a dog and show up as flecks on your dog's skin or fur that have a color somewhere between red and black. Fleas leave these droppings behind when they live on your pet, so finding them is a reliable sign of an infestation. 

Once you have determined that your puppy pal has fleas, it is crucial to find out how to get rid of fleas on dogs. A flea infestation is very uncomfortable for dogs, and fleas can also bite humans, leading to more itching and discomfort all around. 

Here is our list of pet supplies to stock up on and several natural remedies you can try out. With these tips, you'll be putting the swag back in your best friend’s tail in no time. 


Invest in a Flea Comb

When researching how to get rid of fleas on dogs and making a list of must-have pet supplies, a flea comb should be a priority. The teeth on a flea comb are designed to be the right distance apart to expertly capture fleas, flea droppings and flea eggs as you brush through your dog's fur. Having a flea comb on hand will pay off when you're suddenly thrust into an itchy, flea-infested situation. 

A flea comb is an excellent choice if you are looking for all-natural pet supplies to help you figure out how to get rid of fleas on dogs. One tip to remember when using a flea comb is to use it with a solution of water and dish soap or another mild soap. As you go through the process of running the comb through your dog's fur, regularly dip the comb in the soapy water. Wetting the comb helps trap the fleas while brushing and will get rid of any buildup trapped in the comb after each brush through. 


Bathe Your Dog

While some dogs are not a fan of baths, this method can be an excellent choice for how to get rid of fleas on dogs. If you do not have any soap on hand, even using water by itself to bathe your dog can help remove fleas. Also, consider these helpful additions when bathing your dog: 

  • Mild Soap — Using a mild soap or your regular dog shampoo to give your dog a bath can help make your efforts more effective. Soap or shampoo will help kill any adult fleas roaming on your pet and eliminate flea droppings and eggs hanging around. 
  • Flea Shampoo — In the grooming aisle of a pet supplies store, there is usually an array of products called flea shampoos that are marketed as solutions for how to get rid of fleas on dogs. However, it is vital to check in with your dog's vet before using flea shampoo because these pet supplies often include chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin and make the uncomfortable symptoms of a flea infestation worse. Flea shampoos also get rid of natural oils in the dog's skin along with the fleas, leading to dry, itchy skin. 
  • Lemon Juice — Combining dog shampoo with lemon juice can maximize the effectiveness of a bath. A mixture of ½ cup of lemon juice, 2 cups of water and a bit of dog shampoo should do the trick. The addition of lemon juice helps kill the fleas and will leave your dog with a light, refreshing scent.
  • Rosemary — You can also use rosemary as an alternative to a traditional bath. Pour boiling water over some fresh rosemary, let it sit, remove the leaves, and add warm water to the leftover liquid to help dilute the rosemary. Once the mixture is lukewarm, it can be poured over your dog's coat and left to dry. If you would prefer to avoid wrangling your dog in and out of a regular bath, this could be a good all-natural solution for how to get rid of fleas on dogs. 


Try Out Apple Cider Vinegar

Another great way to avoid using chemicals and another trip to the pet supplies store when you are looking for how to get rid of fleas on dogs is to use apple cider vinegar. Creating a dilution of apple cider vinegar and water and putting it on your dog's fur will help keep fleas away. A helpful tip for this remedy is finding an empty spray bottle to make applying the mixture easier. Alternatively, you can wet a comb or brush in the solution and apply it by brushing your dog. The scent and taste of apple cider vinegar repel fleas. 


Clean the House

The journey of dealing with an infestation and discovering how to get rid of fleas on dogs does not end with simply eliminating the pesky bugs from Fido’s fur. It is also important to consider other areas in the house where fleas might be hiding out. Even if you take the time to wash or comb your dog, more fleas can find their way back into your dog's fur if they are hiding out around the house. Follow these tips for ridding your home of fleas to protect your health and your dog's:

  • Vacuum the entire house 
  • Clean your bedding, carpets and cushions
  • Wash your dog's bed and blankets
  • Add plush dog toys to the laundry

Remember to use hot water when washing any of these items, such as your bedding or your dog's bed. After you vacuum, be sure to empty the bag right away into the garbage outside of the house to help eliminate fleas and keep them from coming back inside. 


Support Your Dog's Skin Health

Even after getting rid of the fleas in your house and the ones living on your dog, it will still take some time for your dog's skin health to return to normal. To help give your dog's skin a healthy boost, try Swaggy Tails Omega Skin & Coat Chews. This supplement promotes healthy skin and a glossy coat and comes in a convenient chewable form that makes it easy to give to your dog.

Try Omega Skin & Coat Chews today to support your dog's skin health!

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