Omega 3 for Dogs 101

Omega 3 for Dogs 101

5 Reasons Why Omega 3 for Dogs is So Important

When caring for your favorite canine companion, maintaining their health is a top priority. One of the ways to support optimal dog health is to ensure your pet is receiving proper nutrition. Promoting a healthy diet is not just about looking into the best dog food or how many treats you give them daily.

To truly improve your dog’s nutrition overall, it is essential to consider supplements for dogs. Identifying potential nutritional deficiencies and discovering ways to enhance your dog’s health with supplements for dogs can help boost your pet’s health and even alleviate symptoms.

One of the best and most vital supplements to put on your to-get list is omega 3 for dogs. Here’s our guide on everything you need to know — from what this supplement for dogs is to why it is so necessary for your furry friend’s overall wellbeing.

What is Omega 3?

Omega 3s are a member of a category of dietary fats that is not as well known as the more commonly talked about trans fats and saturated fats. Omega 3s are called polyunsaturated fats. Your dog’s body cannot make omega-3 fatty acids on its own. This means that omega 3s need to be taken in through the diet.

EPA and DHA are two specific types of omega-3 fatty acids that are especially beneficial for health. Omega 3 supplements for dogs from Swaggy Tails can help ensure your dog’s diet has enough of this vital nutrient.

Support Proper Development

Omega 3 for dogs is essential from the beginning of your dog’s life. Here are two ways that omega 3 for dogs can help puppies specifically:

  • Development — It is well-known in the animal world that DHA helps the brain and the retina in the eye grow properly in animals at the beginning of their lives. Omega 3 for dogs with DHA helps puppies develop properly. To support sharp cognitive functions like attention and memory as your dog grows older, they must be given enough omega 3s as puppies. 
  • Training — Omega 3 also impacts cognitive function, which is especially helpful for dog training and how well they learn to respond to commands. The training process often begins in puppyhood and will significantly impact how your dog behaves for the rest of their life. Research has found that DHA specifically improves how well puppies can learn. One study with beagle puppies was able to show that when puppies were given enough DHA in their diets, they outperformed puppies with low-DHA diets in training and memory tasks. Overall, puppies given proper amounts of DHA exhibited enhanced cognition, memory and psychomotor abilities.

A Preventative Measure

Any tip that can help prevent health problems from developing is a welcome one when it comes to pet health. Every pet owner wants their dog to live a long and happy life, and supporting overall health is a surefire way to improve that. It is also essential to take advantage of supplements for dogs that can act as a preventative measure against the development of specific health conditions, like cancer.

Research indicates the possible link between omega 3 for dogs and a lower risk of developing certain kinds of cancer. This benefit is particularly important for owners of Golden Retrievers. A type of cancer called TZL, which is very commonly found in Goldens, was featured in a study on this topic, and it was found that omega 3s might lower the chance of dogs developing TZL.

Help Treat Existing Health Conditions

Not all health conditions can be prevented. In the event that your dog has been living with specific medical issues for years or has recently developed one, it is important to do everything you can to help support their health to manage or treat these conditions. Here are some preexisting health conditions omega 3 for dogs can help with:

  • Arthritis — Arthritis can be a very uncomfortable and painful condition for dogs to deal with as they age, and it is especially prevalent among older dogs. One clinical trial found that omega-3 supplements for dogs helped dogs struggling with osteoarthritis in several ways. Omega 3 was linked to lower measures of lameness, pain and disease in the joints. DHA and EPA omega 3s help reduce inflammation in the body, which can be beneficial in managing the symptoms of arthritis.  
  • Kidney Disease — If your dog is suffering from kidney disease, supplementing their diet with omega 3 for dogs could be beneficial. Omega 3s can help combat some of the symptoms of kidney disease, such as the loss of protein through urine and increased blood pressure. Omega 3 for dogs can also help kidney disease progress more slowly and potentially allow the dog to live a longer life. 
  • Allergies — Allergies can cause significant itching and irritation in dogs. The anti-inflammatory properties of omega 3 for dogs help combat symptoms of canine allergies. Omega 3s can also help return moisture to dry skin, reducing itchiness. If your dog has been dealing with allergies and you have tried multiple other treatments with no relief or insufficient results, consider adding an omega 3 supplement for dogs from Swaggy Tails to their diet. 

Support Healthy Nails

When dogs do not get enough omega 3s in their diet, there can be a lot of consequences. One way that an omega-3 deficiency can manifest is through poor nail health. Dog nails that are dry and brittle and tend to crack are signs that your dog is not getting enough omega 3. Unhealthy nails can be a significant inconvenience to your dog’s quality of life, affecting the difficulty of completing daily doggy tasks. Activities such as walking around outside and energetically participating in playtime become harder to enjoy when nails make being mobile difficult and even painful. Supplements for dogs that include omega 3 can boost your dog’s nail health, allowing the nails to grow and recover.

Improve Coat Health

Excessive shedding is one sign that your dog’s coat is not in the greatest health. Shedding can leave hair all around the house and require constant cleanup. Dandruff is another symptom of a less than ideal coat. Omega 3 for dogs can help improve both of these conditions. The moisturizing properties of omega 3s do not just reduce itchiness due to allergies. They can also help prevent unnecessary shedding and dandruff, supporting the growth of a shiny coat.

Give Your Dog’s Health a Boost with Omega 3 from SwaggyTails

Omega 3 for dogs can make a big difference in your pet’s life. The only question is — how do you add omega 3 to your dog’s diet? Finding a good source of omega 3s is essential, but so is finding one that your dog will actually eat. Omega Skin & Coat for Dogs & Cats from Swaggy Tails is the solution you have been searching for.

This supplement for dogs from SwaggyTails uses salmon oil as a source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA and EPA. Swaggy Tails’ Omega Skin & Coat comes in soft chews, making it easy to feed to your dog. Your dog might even think it is a treat, when really it is a supplement boosting their skin, joint and coat health! Supplements for dogs from SwaggyTails are both tasty and functional, making them a great addition to your dog’s diet.

Choose Omega Skin & Coat from Swaggy Tails today to give your dog’s health a much-needed boost!

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